The newly elected Queensland Government made a pre-election promise to improve the transparency of the collection and distribution of infrastructure charges revenue by local governments. We expect to see this promise delivered through an amendment to the Planning Act in 2018.

PIE Solutions are infrastructure planning and charging specialists and we understand the difficulties faced by local governments when tracking and recording infrastructure charges and contributions.

Recognising these difficulties, we have developed PIE Novus Manager, a web-based software with a user-friendly GIS interface. PIE Novus Manager vastly improves a local governments’ ability to administer their infrastructure charging and contributions process. It captures data in a format that permits rapid and transparent reporting and provides local governments with powerful datasets that can be used to inform future infrastructure and services planning.

You can read more about PIE Novus Manager here.

If you would like a demonstration of PIE Novus Manager in the new year, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at or ph. (07) 3177 3310.