Fair outcomes,
confident charging

Infrastructure Agreements

Infrastructure agreements provide complex challenges that involve many stakeholders. We specialise in practical, easily understood solutions that minimise conflict and delays between stakeholders.

Working with local governments, infrastructure providers and the development industry, we clearly identify:

  • Infrastructure requirements of developments
  • When that infrastructure needs to be provided
  • What it will cost
  • Funding – who, when and how

How we work

Our methods are fair, measured and consultative. We:

  • Find common ground by understanding the objectives of all parties, their cash flow constraints and their timelines before working systematically to address any conflicts.
  • Don’t play negotiation games – our first proposal is fair and realistic and will often be acceptable to all parties. This saves time by minimising unnecessary back and forth.
  • Bring the right expertise – an in-depth knowledge of legislation, familiarity with local government systems and understanding of the complexities of the development process.

The results? A process that’s as painless as possible, with fair outcomes for all, and strong stakeholder relationships maintained.


There’s no doubt that infrastructure charging is complex. Charges must be calculated, levied and administered in accordance with the governing legislative framework. A particularly tough challenge facing local governments is the administration of trunk infrastructure conditions and associated offsetting requirements.

So it pays to call in a specialist. PIE Solutions has many years of experience in preparing and administering infrastructure charges.

We don’t just offer our experience, we also offer a unique software to manage the entire infrastructure charging and contributions process.

Novoplan Charges and Contributions

Novoplan is an easy to use, web-based solution that simplifies the end to end process of managing infrastructure plans, charges and contributions.

Developed and tested by infrastructure planning and charging experts, it accommodates the various infrastructure charging regimes across Australia by providing all the functionality infrastructure providers require to calculate, track and analyse their infrastructure charges and contributions.


Damon Ehlers from PIE SolutionsDamon Ehlers, Principal on 07 3177 3310 or 0412 011 130

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Dr Alison Wolfenden, PIE Solutions BrisbaneDr Alison Wolfenden, Principal on 07 3177 3310 or 0402 853 336

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