Balancing theory and
practice for good policy

Infrastructure planning and charging policy requires a careful balance of theory and practice. The aim is to provide a clear process and framework for achieving legislative objectives, in the most efficient and practical way. You need to consider:

The objectives of the organisation.

How the policy sits with the legislative framework.

How the policy will be practically implemented.

How the policy will impact on financial sustainability.

Infrastructure policy

Our policy approach is evidence-based, analysing what’s actually happening in the real world. We:

  • Compare and contrast existing policy with industry best practice.
  • Review whether the policy is achieving on-the-ground outcomes consistent with the objectives and requirements of relevant legislation.
  • Engage with practitioners to ensure usability.

Our experience

Infrastructure planning and charging policy is a highly specialist area, but one that requires a very broad skillset to correctly identify issues and find solutions. It demands knowledge of town planning, law, finance, and engineering – plus a realistic and pragmatic approach to decision making.

As infrastructure policy advisors, we offer a multi-disciplinary skillset, as well as extensive experience, including:

  • Reviewing and redrafting the LGIP Guideline for the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government & Planning.
  • Drafting infrastructure charges resolutions for Toowoomba Regional Council.
  • Preparing a stormwater planning options report for Toowoomba Regional Council, Logan City Council and the City of Gold Coast.
  • Undertaking a review of transitional provisions within the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 for the Department of Energy and Water Supply.
  • Undertaking a review of the infrastructure planning and charging policy framework for Economic Development Queensland.
  • Preparing the infrastructure planning components of the former Allconnex Water, Water Netserv plan, including its connections policy.


Jason Miller, Principal
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