Getting future
infrastructure right

A local government infrastructure plan (LGIP) ensures that the right infrastructure is being delivered at the right time and for the right cost to the community. It plans what’s needed to service future development – trunk water, sewerage, stormwater, transport, parks and land for community purposes.

Why LGIPs are important

A robust LGIP is crucial to local government because it:

  • Forms part of a local government’s planning scheme.
  • Sets desired standards of service and priority areas for the delivery of trunk infrastructure.
  • Determines what infrastructure is needed in the future to service development.
  • Provides the basis for future decisions on trunk infrastructure conditions imposed on development.
  • Allows the cost of future infrastructure to be calculated and expected revenue to be forecast to determine affordability

Our experience

Our multi-disciplinary team has the depth and breadth of experience to provide expert advice to councils preparing an LGIP. We have:

  • Reviewed and redrafted the LGIP Guideline for the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government & Planning.
  • Managed Logan Water’s water and wastewater priority infrastructure plan.
  • Managed Brisbane City Council’s first priority infrastructure plan.
  • Drafted Logan City Council’s priority infrastructure plan.

It’s not just knowledge of legislative requirements that ensures a successful LGIP. It’s also the skills to manage, coordinate and understand the needs of stakeholders involved in the process, such as network planners, financial planners, town planners and external stakeholders including developers and State Government. Our approach is collaborative and measured, achieving fairness for all while maintaining strong relationships between stakeholders.


Jason Miller, Principal
on 07 3177 3310 or 0413 019 956